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[4K] I am Excavator! | Strong Vehicles | Dance Along | Car Songs | Pinkfong Videos for Children

I Am Excavator! 

Excavator is a strong vehicle that is made of steel! Let’s dance together with the Kids!
Magic Word Song | Please and Thank you! | Tips for First Day of School! | Pinkfong Songs for Kids

Magic Word Song 

Do you know the magic words: Please, Thank you and Excuse me?
Baby Shark x Hello Kitty | My Best Friend! | Baby Shark Collaboration | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Baby Shark x Hello Kitty

No need to say a word to make my feelings heard! There is no one in...
[4K] Hurry Hurry Fire Truck | Dance Along | Car Songs | Pinkfong Videos for Children

Hurry Hurry Fire Truck

Hurry hurry, drive the fire truck! Here comes the fire truck to help those in danger!
Take Special Care of your belongings! | Healthy Habits for Kids | Good Manner | Pinkfong Kids Songs

Take Special Care Of Your Belongings! 

Ouch! Crayons, flowers and books are hurt! Take good care of them!
The Scary Mr. Greenhouse Gas! | Climate Change | Save the Environment | Pinkfong Songs for Kids

The Scary Mr. Greenhouse Gas! 

Oh no! The Earth is not feeling well! Mr. Greenhouse Gas, the evil monster has come!...
See You Later, Alligator! | Time to Go to School | Healthy Habits for Kids | Pinkfong Songs for Kids

See You Later, Alligator!

It’s time to go to school! Pinkfong knows that it’s hard to say good bye to...
Baby Shark's Garbage Truck 🚛| Climate Change | Save the Environment | Pinkfong Songs for Kids

Baby Shark’s Garbage Truck

Help the Garbage Truck tidy up and recycle! Let’s save the environment together!
Sing and Dance with Baby Shark and Monkey | 3D Special | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Sing And Dance With Baby Shark And Monkey 

Watch Baby Shark Dance. Sing and dance along with Pinkfong, Baby Shark and Monkey!
🎄Baby Shark Dance (Christmas ver.) and more | Best Christmas Songs | Pinkfong TV Special

Baby Shark Dance (Christmas ver.) And More 

It’s Finally Christmas!!! Shake and move your body along our Christmas carols and dance along with...
Baby Shark, It's Cold Outside 🎄| Carols |  Christmas Songs for Kids |  Pinkfong Christmas Playlist

Baby Shark, It’s Cold Outside

It’s cold outside, Baby Shark! But it’s Christmas time! Enjoy Winter indoor and outdoor activities with...

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