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Dogs Attend Halloween PARTY! #shorts

Dogs Attend Halloween PARTY! 

The two talking dogs go to a Halloween party with other Las Vegas corgis! They dress...
DOG GOES TO THE MOON! #shorts #corgi

Dog Goes To The Moon! 

Have you ever thought about what your dog thinks about certain situations? Hammy, the talking corgi,...
Puppies Can't Accept the Fact they are not Having Anymore Milkshaek

Puppies Can’t Accept The Fact They Are Not Having Anymore Milkshaek

He atacc, he protecc but most importantly he want his usual snacc…
Cats Came to Cuddle With Their Little Human

Cats Came To Cuddle With Their Little Human

It doesn’t get any cuter than this!
Dogs are Scared of Everything!

Dogs Are Scared Of Everything!

Two talking corgis afraid of a mouse, leaf blower, dragon vacuums and even their own shadow!
Dogs Prove Pigs FLY! #shorts #piggy

Dogs Prove Pigs FLY! 

When the dogs ask Dad for a new iPhone, Dad sarcastically tells them they can get...
Learning How to Ding

Learning How To Ding

Today Linda was not feeling the greatest so papa took Tucker for a super fun roller...
Dog Answers 911 Call! #shorts #corgi

Dog Answers 911 Call! 

Hammy, the talking dog, answers 911 calls for the local police dispatch. He might not be...
Golden Retriever Meets a Puppy like himself

Golden Retriever Meets A Puppy Like Himself

Golden Retriever Meets a Puppy like himself! We hope you enjoyed this video…
Great Dane too scared to approach food bowl with lingering cat nearby

Great Dane Too Scared To Approach Food Bowl With Lingering Cat Nearby

Jack the cat loves to sit on the windowsill and watch what is going on outside....
Halloween Decorations SCARE Dogs! #shorts

Halloween Decorations Scare Dogs!

Hammy and Olivia, the talking dogs, are walking home from school when they encounter some new...
Corgi Faces EVIL Vacuum! #shorts #halloween

Corgi Faces Evil Vacuum!

Hammy, the talking dog, has to face his nemesis once more. The vacuum arrives while the...
🐹 Hamster Escapes the Pop It Maze for Pets in real life 🐹 Homura Ham

Hamster Escapes The Pop It Maze For Pets In Real Life 

In these hamster story, you’ll see the amazing adventures of my funny pet hamster, Pampy! Today...
Talking Corgis Visit Las Vegas Dog Park!

Talking Corgis Visit Las Vegas Dog Park!

The talking corgis never take a day off from filming short videos, but we take a...
Corgi Prank Wars! | Hammy & Olivia

Corgi Prank Wars! 

Hammy and Olivia go to the next level to prank each other!

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