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All the Adorable Couples | Craig of the Creek | Cartoon Network

All The Adorable Couples

So many cute couples in The Creek!
Craig of the Creek | Mortimer to the Rescue | Cartoon Network UK

Mortimer To The Rescue 

The creek kids are in trouble. Who’s going to save them?
Craig of the Creek | Hidden Treasures | Cartoon Network UK

Hidden Treasures 

The creek kids have found some hidden treasures…
Craig of the Creek | Haunted Doll House | Cartoon Network UK

Haunted Doll House

The creek kids are being scared by a creepy story of a haunted doll house…
Craig of the Creek | The Cardboard Bunker | Cartoon Network UK

The Cardboard Bunker

The creek kids found a mysterious cardboard bunker…
The Rise and Fall of Maya | Craig of the Creek | Cartoon Network

The Rise And Fall Of Maya

Maya may be one of the Creek’s toughest fighters, but there’s more to her story than...
Craig of the Creek | Craig The Builder | Cartoon Network UK

Craig The Builder

Craig rememebers a time when his grandfather taught him how to build things as a kid…
Craig of the Creek | What If? | Cartoon Network UK

What If?

Craig, Kelsey and JP imagine an alternate reality where they never became friends…
Craig of the Creek | Cartor Brown | Cartoon Network UK

Cartor Brown

Craig tries to help a new friend at the creek be a kid again, but things...
Craig of the Creek | Guide To Being A Rockstar | Cartoon Network UK

Guide To Being A Rockstar

Let Craig help you unleash your inner rockstar! Craig and his bandmates Kelsey and JP can...
Craig of the Creek | Switched Bodies | Cartoon Network UK

Switched Bodies

Craig, Kelsey and JP switch bodies and try to find a way to switch back…
Craig of the Creek | Bouncy House | Cartoon Network UK

Bouncy House

The kids at the creek are amazed when craig uses his tape to fix the bouncy...
Craig of the Creek | The King of Camping | Cartoon Network UK

The King Of Camping 

The family go camping, and Craig helps his dad prove he’s the king of camping…
Craig of the Creek | Missing Hamsters | Cartoon Network UK

Missing Hamsters 

Kids at the creek are upset that all there hamsters go missing. Kelsey has a pretty...
Craig of the Creek | Where to Hide | Cartoon Network UK

Where To Hide

Craig and his friends find themselves being chased by a monster…

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